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Quant Sigorta ve Reasürans Brokerliği Risk Yönetimi Danışmanlığı

Risk Management Consultancy


Risk management consultancy is a consulting service that provides expertise to identify, analyze, measure, manage and mitigate our clients' risks. This service helps our clients effectively address the operational, financial, strategic, reputational and other risks they face.

With risk management consulting, we generally offer the following services:


  1. Risk Assessment: We conduct risk analysis and assessment to determine the risk profile of our clients.

  2. Risk Management Strategies: We develop appropriate risk management strategies, taking into account our clients' risk tolerance and risk objectives.

  3. Risk Controls: We establish effective risk control measures and policies to mitigate existing risks.

  4. Insurance and Financial Instruments: We evaluate risk transfer and risk financing methods such as insurance policies, derivatives and other financial instruments.

  5. Crisis Management and Business Continuity Planning: We develop business continuity plans and create crisis management strategies in case of crises and emergencies.

  6. Compliance and Governance: We support our clients to ensure compliance with applicable legal regulations and governance standards. 

By helping our clients understand their risk profile, prepare for risks and minimize potential losses, we focus on improving business performance and supporting long-term success.

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