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Quant Sigorta ve Reasürans Brokerliği Kurumsal Sigortacılık

Corporate Insurance

Quant has adopted the principle of providing "end-to-end" service to its customers with its corporate perspective.
In corporate insurance, Quant produces solutions designed to manage and protect the risks faced by organizations in the commercial and business world.  We aim to minimize financial risks while protecting our clients' property, operations and employees against various hazards.

We provide comprehensive protection against various risks that our clients may face depending on their business activities. These include a range of insurance needs such as fire, theft, natural disasters, liability, business interruption, occupational accidents and health insurance.

The key components of our corporate insurance are as follows:


  1. Property Insurance: Protects the company's physical assets (buildings, facilities, equipment, etc.) against fire, theft, vandalism and natural disasters.

  2. Liability Insurance: Covers legal liability risks (general liability, product liability, employer's liability, etc.) that may arise from the company's activities.

  3. Business Interruption Insurances: Helps compensate for loss of income to ensure business continuity due to unexpected events.

  4. Employee Insurances: Provides protection for employees, such as health insurance, work accident insurance and other employee benefits.

  5. Management Risk Insurances: Manages the legal risks that may arise from the decision-making processes of executives and boards of directors.

Corporate insurance is an important part of companies' risk management strategies and helps to safeguard their financial security and sustainability. This type of insurance enables companies to be more resilient to specific risks and maintain operational efficiency.

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