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Quant Sigorta ve Reasürans Brokerliği Bireysel Sigortacılık

Individual Insurance

We offer our customers insurance products and solutions designed to protect their personal property, health and financial future. We ensure that our customers and their families are protected against specific risks and mitigate the effects of sudden financial crises.

The key components of our individual products are as follows:


  1. Health Insurance: Insurance policies designed to cover individuals' medical expenses. This coverage usually includes illness, accident, treatment and hospitalization costs.

  2. Life Insurance: Insurance policies that insure the lives of individuals and provide financial support to their families or designated heirs in the event of their death.

  3. Home Insurance: Insurance products purchased by homeowners or renters to protect their homes against fire, theft, natural disasters and other harmful events.

  4. Automobile Insurance: Insurance products purchased by individuals to protect their vehicles against accidents, theft, vandalism and other harmful events.

  5. Travel Insurance: Insurances that provide protection against emergencies, health problems and trip cancellations that individuals may encounter during their travels. 

  6. Personal Liability Insurance: Insurances that protect individuals against legal liability for damage to the property or health of others.


In personal insurance, we help our customers and their families cope with uncertainty and ensure their financial security. With our products and services, we reduce the financial difficulties caused by unexpected events, improve our customers' quality of life and make them more resilient to risks.

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